Miss. Chief

I am the best at being modest.

It started out as a hobby but is now a small obsession.

Because I like to tell stories about me, I guess.

This one … oh … six months or so? But I’ve been blogging under different names for years.

It’s usually between 40 and 80, depending on if the title of my post has the word “sex” in it or not.

Nope. But I’m not opposed to somebody paying me for writing!

You need three things:

1. A sense of humor.
2. A heart of gold.
3. Eyes. To read.

Oh, and literacy.

Meh…usually not long unless I’m linking to a bunch of things. Normally I just sit down and type until I have nothing else to say.

It is awesome.

1. Write like nobody’s watching. And don’t care if anybody is.

2. Write what you want, when you want. No pressure

3. Remember that people are reading it. I know this is contradictory to number one but, you know, try to keep it interesting to someone other than yourself.

4. Use description. Anecdotes. Metaphors. Humor. Emotion. Anything to keep it from being boring.

5. Don’t use one big block of text. Hit the return key every once in a while. Internet users all have short attention spans.

6. Try to keep your content original. Don’t just steal things from other places.

I have a bunch more tips on my blog. Go to the sidebar – where it says “why I hate your blog”

This blog can be visited at http://www.misschiefsblog.com

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