Gwadzilla- anonymous

people who read the blog know me as gwadzilla

my blog is about cycling and life
not just my cycling and my life
but all sorts of aspects of cycling and all sorts of aspects of life

I ride bikes and I live so I know about this stuff

this is not what I do for a living

this is a hobby
or maybe it is a passion
better yet… it is a compulsion
which is just another way of saying addiction

I blog because I can not stop bloggin

I came to realize that I did not want to repeat myself in emails nor did I want be impersonal by spamming my friends

so I started to blog so that they could check in if they wanted
instead of me spamming them all the times

none of my friends read my blog

I have been blogging for a few years
the blog has evolved over the years and it will continue to evolve
the content goes through shifts as does the expression

in the beginning I was all words
then I added a few photographs and fewer words
now the blog is image rich
and well… not as wordy as it was

I miss the wordy outlet

oh, it is not work
it is a blog
I am blogging


I do no care when the number go up
I only care when the numbers go down

does my blog have an income?
it is like another kid
I am just waiting for this thing to graduate from college and get the heck out of my house

the blog has achieved it unspecific goals as well as meeting unexpected goals

my blog is usually interesting to cyclists
either urban cyclist or mountain bikers
it may also appeal to the bicycle commuter

but honestly
I do not know who that 250-500 a day person is
or if I know that person I am not sure what they see
I do not know if they like the words or if they like the photographs
sometimes I am shocked when someone tells me that they read my blog
unless they are on a bicycle
then it slightly less of a shock

too much…


I should go to sleep and stop blogging

check out my blog and see if it is for you

I am not trying to sell anything

if it entertains you
if it inspires you
if it amuses you
you will come back

if if does not strike you in any way
then I would not expect you to come back

if I did not create this blog
I would like someone else to create it so I could read it

blog for yourself

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