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What is button
Technabob features the latest and greatest gadgets, games, gizmos and weird science.

I carefully select the most interesting, fun and strange new stuff so you don’t have to dig it up on your own.
What do you button
Well, let’s see. I actually run a web development company.

However, Technabob is becoming bigger every day.

It’s my hope that some day I’ll have my own blogging empire :)

Why did you button
I’ve been on the bleeding edge of technology ever since I was a kid.

Once I had that first “byte out of the Apple” (actually it was an Apple II+), I was hooked on the stuff.

Ever since, I’ve made consumer electronics, video games and computers part of my everyday life and my business.

how long button
I started Technabob in June of 2006. Ever since then, I’ve written every day.

how many button
We get around 5,000 visitors a day at present, but sometimes we’ll get an occasional 25,000+ if we get picked up by Digg or some other major social bookmarking site.

Who would button
Anyone who likes technology, video games, gadgets or other geeky stuff.

Oh yeah, and sometimes I cover stuff that’s just plain goofy, so try not to be too serious.

How long button
Every spare moment. Usually I work on it a couple of hours when I first get up in the morning, and then 3 or 4 hours at night.

There’s never enough time to do everything I’d like to. It’s a major time commitment if you want to be successful in the blogging game.

why should button
You should subscribe to Technabob because all that read the site has immediately become enlightened and now understand the true meaning of life.

But seriously… You should subscribe if you’d like to know about techie stuff that not every other blog reports on.

what advice button
First and foremost, you must be persistent. You’ve got to write every day, and you’ve got to promote every day. If you do one but not the other, you won’t go far.

Make sure your site is search engine optimized . Page names, titles, tags are all important in making sure people find your content.

Network with other bloggers. Share stories, tips, leads and links and be sure to get involved in some online communities to plug yourself. It’s a two way street, so be sure to give back.

Play with your layout and ad formats when you first get going.  Using a good statistics app will help you figure out what people are reading, and comparing that to advertising stats can give you insight into what sort of ads work best for your audience.

Regardless, even if you don’t get any traffic at first, don’t give up. I started out with just a couple of visitors a day, and now have over 100,000 visitors every month and growing… and that’s just after a year of being online.

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